Photo Gallery

New lab (mix) manager, 

Sparkleberry Golding, aka "Sparky"

Lauren Kreeger, 2019:

demonstrating proper champagne technique after her PhD defense. 

Lab, 2019

Donata Oertel and her academic family: Brad, Lauren, and Nace

2016 Gordon Research Conference on the Auditory System (Bates College).


13th hour of data collection

Student Lab, ~1:00 am

Still smiling...


Nace, Brian, Lauren, Brad,

David and Ken, 2016

Cat Connelly at the

in vivo rig, 2018

Camping in West Texas, Lab retreat, 2016

Priebe and Golding lab

retreat, McDonald Observatory

November, 2016

The lab, circa 2014

Nace and Steve Coburn, Cody, WY Auditory Processing Meeting, 2015

Lab move to NHB, 2013

OK, Lauren, just put that

together now and start recording...

Post-move...that's apple cider, right guys?

Lab outing at the Student Union. Brian Bondy showing his

direct approach to all things.

Lab lunch, 2014

Michael Roberts: bold leadership

Michael out on the harbor, at the Ion Channels Course at CSHL, 2013

Tom Franken in Austin. Lab dinner, Mexican food overlooking Lake Travis, 2010

Stephanie Seeman, 2011

Nace and Philip Joris at Philip's house in Leuven, Belgium, 2008

Pondering the mysteries of the MSO in the Joris lab

Young Paul Mathews, 2003

Luisa Scott at the rig, 2003

Golding lab, circa 2007: Luisa Scott,

Sukant Khurana, and Paul Mathews

(Neurobiology Retreat)

Seasoned Paul Mathews, post-thesis defense, 2009

Sheree Cherry and Travis

Babola at a lab dinner

Travis Babola at the rig, 2013